Monday, February 27, 2012

Advice...from a 99 year old.

Today was one of those "ah-ha" days. Kind of like an "ah-ha" moment, but the moment was so good, it lasted all day.
Today I had the pleasure of taking care of J, a 99 year old man who was not only sharp as a tack, but also in great physical condition, and not on one medication...not one. J proceeded to tell me how he gives lectures to medical students and at universities about how he has lived so long, and his outlook on life, over 99 years. He told me that he feels like he needs to "spread his wealth of knowledge" to the world, and share with others at a young age, what he has learned over his life.

Rule #1: Stay active.
 This guy bowls 3 times a week, and goes out for walks on the other days. He even brought his bowling score sheet, with his high score of 200-something. He cracked me up. Best part about this, is not staying just physically active, but also mentally and socially active. He makes sure to have a circle of friends that he can converse with, from things like the weather to the latest in politics. Anything to keep his MIND sharp as well. 

Rule #2: Do not stress.
Even he agreed with me when I said, "easier said than done". But, what J was saying is to be realistic about stress. Sure, some things are going to annoy you, and some days are WAY better than others, but overall, stress in and of itself does nothing good for you. Try to come up with solutions to problems. Learn to breathe. Sit down and evaluate any situation that you may be "stressed" about, and dissect what you may be able to do to fix or help the situation.

My favorite quote of all time goes along with this rule..."Let go of things you can’t change, build the perseverance to change the things you can, and acknowledge the wisdom you possess to know the difference."

Rule #3: Listen to your doctors. This is (obviously) my favorite. In his exact words..."All I know is my body, and how I feel. I can express those feelings to you, and you figure it out...I didn't go to medical school, what the hell do I know?"
Gotta love him.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. This post lends itself to the "inspiration" voice of the site. We cannot know everything about everything, and sometimes we have to listen and take advice from others...:)

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week.

"All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance...” – Bruce Barton


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