Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm turning BLUE!

I have discovered my new favorite snack.
First, if anyone knows me, I HATE the taste of "artificial-ness". Also, I have an odd obsession for anything that "crunches" in your mouth.

....say hello to my new favorite snack.....

Relax... Give me a chance here. I know you are thinking..."really?". ...YES! I am serious! These things taste amazing (well, not if you hate blueberries), have LOTS of fiber (which is good for your poo-poo and hence, your colon), and the best part, they are lo-cal!!
I saw them BOGO at Publix ...and oh boy am I glad I threw them in my cart (as my husband rolled his eyes...I am a sucker for BOGO!).

Just do me the favor...and try them!

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