Monday, March 12, 2012

The Ba-jillion Dollar Industry...Diet Books!

My Skinny Caramel Latte in hand!...see? I'm
really really white...sunscreen people!!
So, seeing that I got out of work today a little earlier than expected, I had a few errands to run. After returning a nail polish I already had (see, I'm a normal girl..) a decided to wander by the local bookstore for a nice little latte (Caramel Skinny Latte- tall, only drank half=40 calories). While wandering around the bookstore, I couldn't help but see the hundreds upon hundreds of diet books. I felt like I was in a scary movie, and I couldn't get away from them. Honestly, it's crazy. "The 3 Hour Diet", "The Diabetic Diet", "The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution", "The I Diet", "The Dukan Diet". Oh My Gosh. Stop the madness!

Since when did dieting become a fad or trend? When did we get away from understanding the basics of food to understand how it affects our health? More importantly, how have physicians gotten away with not counseling their patients on this SUPER important subject?

There is no trend or "secret" to dieting. It is all common sense. For one, if you so much as think something is "bad" for you, it likely is. There is no magical food that tastes like a damn cupcake and is great for you...if you have found this..please let me know.

Stop the Diet Book Madness!
Everyone has access to the internet nowadays and there is no reason that YOU cannot google the amount of calories in what you are about to work...or in a restaurant. It is time that we all take responsibility for our health in order to get it under control! Ladies, I want you to be able to wear your favorite little black dress with confidence, but more importantly, I want your heart to be healthy while you are wearing it!

I'll say it...(err, type it) again. No soda, avoid the sweets as much as possible, lots of fruits and veggies, chicken and fish are your friends. And MOST importantly, PORTION CONTROL!!! You can eat all the blueberries in the world, but if you eat 5 servings at a time, you might as well have had a snickers. You HAVE to learn to control your portion sizes, or the "diet" will never work.

....crap, maybe I should write a book!

P.S. Incase you are not my Facebook "fan", well, you should be...and..see above the photo I posted yesterday of my grocery cart. We have every "berry" you can find, whole wheat bread, chicken deli meat, low-fat greek yogurt, the most fantastic-looking raspberry marinated hard cheese, and celery peeking from behind. THIS is what we need to be buying!
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