Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fitness Frenzy!

One of the questions I get asked the most by my female patients in regard to weight loss is what I do during my daily workouts. To get in my required 30 minutes a day -5 days a week of aerobic exercise, I use the elliptical machine. I like how I can control what muscle groups are being worked and how I can control the resistance. I am not a fan of running myself, because I don't like the "pounding" sensation on my knees when my foot hits the ground.

In addition to the aerobic exercise, I also have a few moves that I do daily, regardless of what "area" I may be working on that particular day. I decided to take some photos of ME doing these exercises to show you how I do it...(and please excuse the scrubs...I usually dress like a normal person at the gym..I swear!)

Girly Push-ups

(Top Left) My favorite tricep exercise. Super easy, and keeps the "flabby" arm gone. I use a 12-lb weight, but you may need to work up to that, or you may even need more. Hold the weight with both hands behind your head, and lift up to the ceiling. I do 3 sets of fifteen.

(Top Right) Girly push-ups. My little arms can't take the weight of my whole body, so I modify it. The key here is to keep your back straight and butt down. I see girls in the gym with their butts in the air, doesn't work that way! I try and do 45 of's hard!

Medicine Ball Twists
Weighted Lunges
(Left) BEST AB EXERCISE OF ALL TIME! Get an 8 lb medicine ball , balance on your butt with legs in the air (see photo). Twist from side to side with the medicine ball in hand. The key here is to twist your ENTIRE torso from left to right. My abs shaped up immediately after doing this!

(Above Right)  Want a nice tush? You have to do lunges. I usually use 10-lb weights on each arm. I don't even count the lunges any more, I usually go from one side of the gym to the other. Here, keeping your balance is key. Keep your back straight, and try not to let your front knee go over the ankle. The back knee should come about 2 inches from the ground. Sometimes I nix the weights (about 2x a week) because I don't want bulky legs, but that's my personal preference. :)            

I hope you all enjoyed this! Exercise should be a part of your daily routine, along with a good diet. I would LOVE to hear what your daily exercise regimen is, or if you try any of these moves and have good results. Ohh! Photos are even better!                                    

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