Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keep the wisdom flowing!

Beautiful Venue for Citi Bank South Florida
International Women's Day Brunch
I was honored last month to speak for Citi Bank on International Women's Day, March 8th. Citi invited me to speak to a large group of women about women's health issues. After reading my blog, one of the employees suggested that I speak about my best and most read blog post yet, Top 10 Things to Live by.
The talk was a success. I had women asking all kinds of questions in regards to their physical health, cancer screening and different diets. I was so happy to be able to speak to such a large group of women, one for their awareness, but also for the motivation I may have added.

So, what? You may be thinking...this post is a little out of my nature, but something that we all need to remember to do every day...motivate, cultivate and support. I really feel as though my talk to 200 women reached far beyond them. They may have told their friends, mothers, which case my words of wisdom in regards to women's health reached far beyond the room we were in. Each day we should all try and motivate and support each other with whatever goals we have. Studies have proven that people are more likely to meet a weight loss goal if they have a workout buddy to motivate them, and have a little constructive competition. This rule does not just apply to workouts, but any goal!

Speaking to the women on
International Women's Day
Also, we need to cultivate growth and new experiences and ideas. You may have a great workout regimen that you could share, or a fantastic recipe for salmon. Finally, let's all do our part to support not only our friends and family, but also our community and ourselves. Reward yourself for a job well done. Give yourself the tools that you may need to accomplish your goals. For me, it is about supporting and educating my community, and on a larger scale, women. I feel that if I have made an impact on ONE woman, that woman could spread the word to others much better than I ever could.
The Women of Citi Bank South Florida
(What a wonderful company to work with!)

 I look forward to continuing this journey with my readers. My hours are rough and nights are long...but in the long run, if I can impart just a little of the knowledge that I gain to you all, my audience, then my job is done!
Thank you all for walking this road for me, and I am so honored to help to make us a healthier woman's world!


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