Monday, April 2, 2012

McDonald's De-Construction!

You asked and I answered! Although everyone should know by now that I am FAR from a fast-food fan, I am also realistic in the fact that a lot of people in this world eat it, and eat it more often then they should. I myself am guilty of the fast-food frenzy at times when I am running late for something and absolutely STARVING. So, what's the most popular fast food joint in the world...? McDonald's! And I was pleasantly surprised that there are some decent options. Let's get to it!

                                                         To start...breakfast!
Oatmeal...and is REALLY good!
Best Options:
Apple Walnut Oatmeal- 270 calories; Fruit and Maple Oatmeal- 290 calories
Egg McMuffin- 300 calories, 12 gm of fat and a whopping 18 g of protein to keep you full! ( NO SAUSAGE OR HAM!!!)
Sausage Burrito- 300 calories (but, unfortunately a lot of fat). But IF you are craving...meat...then pick this.

Worst Options:
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes- wow. No Bueno. 1090 calories. 56 GM OF FAT! Ah!! These "hot cakes" won't make your cakes hot. Believe me.
ANY of the McGriddles. Really? All hover around 400-600 calories, have a ton of fat and sugar. Avoid.

Angus Chipolte...I don't even know what else. Gross.
Best option: The good ol' hamburger. 250 calories and the cheeseburger is 300 calories. Here, if you can JUST eat the burger and no fries, you are golden. Problem is that they are not very filling, and most people end up eating 3 of them +/- fries too.

Worst Option: Angus Chipolte BBQ Bacon. Holy Moly. 800 calories and 39 grams of fat. Crazy.
 As a matter of fact avoid anything that says "angus" or "Big N' Tasty".
Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the McRib has 500 calories. Really? A RIB sandwich? Gross.

Best...and actually the BEST item on the menu.. the Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich. 350 calories and 9 gm of fat and 28 gm of protein to keep you full. I was pleasantly surprised by this and its my STAR item. Go for this!
Also, the grilled snack wraps are generally okay as well, but again, they are small and may not satisfy. And I do not consider 250 calories a "snack".

Worst: Any of the fried sandwiches. The Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich runs 620 calories. Craziness! Just get the grilled and save yourself the regret later!

Again, stick with GRILLED chicken. The grilled chicken salads have between 190-290 calories, where the fried chicken salads have between 450-600 calories. Also, in general, try to use as LITTLE dressing as possible as this has a lot of "unsuspecting" calories.

Unless you are going to McDonald's to get apples (yes, they have them at only 15 calories!) avoid side items. The fries have anywhere from 250-500 calories (small-large).
Milkshakes are insane! They have 580-880 calories (small-large). WHAT?! PLEASE. No.


So, putting it all together. The best lunch meal would be:

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a side of apple slices, with a diet soda or water. Total? 375 calories and keeps you full until dinner!

Until Next Time..xo!

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