Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Habits....for your Heart..

Recently, posted an article titled "17 Worst Habits for Your Heart". So, being that it is all about my favorite organ, the heart...I thought it would be good to read, and share my thoughts.
I will not post and comment on all of them, because honestly a few are common sense, but let's see the interesting ones...

1." Leaving Hostility and Depression Unchecked" I could not agree more! There have been numerous publications linking stress to heart disease. Remember, like I always cannot make anyone else happy, if you are not happy. Put YOU first!

2. "Ignoring the Snoring" I really like this one! Snoring may be a sign of OSA or, Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Most people who have this are overweight with large necks, but smaller people may have anatomic reasons for the sleep apnea. Why is this important? Because sleep apnea may be contributing to your heart disease! One of the first things people have done when they are diagnosed with some heart problems, including uncontrolled high blood pressure, is a sleep study to evaluate for OSA. What are some symptoms? Well, snoring for one, and also feeling very tired after having a full nights sleep.

3. "All or Nothing" This particular post was about exercising. You know these people..they go to the gym 2 days a week and "make up" for not going the other 5 days. This can be dangerous as you may strain your muscles, but moreover, its not likely that it is helping your heart. Remember, slow and steady with exercise. And if I haven't said it enough...5 days a week for 30 minutes of AEROBIC exercise! :) Plus, this helps you get in the whole "routine" mode.

4.  "Overeating" Self explanatory. As a whole, this country eats WAY TOO MUCH. Whatever you are being served in a restaurant, it is likely the "serving size" should be less than HALF the plate. Learn to wean yourself from the amount of food you eat. Chances are, you can still enjoy everything you love, just in moderation. THIS is how I stay thin. I just watch the amount of food I eat. I typically eat 1/2 to 1/3 of what my peers eat. And ya know what? I'm not hungry...I have trained my body overtime to only NEED that much food to be full..and you can too!

5. "Assuming You're Not at Risk" DO YOU HEAR THAT, LADIES?? HELLLOOOO!!! PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN!!! You DO NOT have to be a "fat male" to have a heart attack! Being a mom, running around, being STRESSED (see #1!) all may blame your medical problems on these things..but stop! The #1 KILLER of women is heart disease! KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!

6. "Eating Red Meat". You know why I loved this one? Because I have said it repeatedly on this blog! haha. I was first! (just kidding!) I will have maybe a total of 8oz of FILET (a lean cut) a MONTH. Let's put it in simple terms: red meat= bad. Period.

7. "Being a Health Procrastinator" See #5. Oh, and not having a test done doesn't mean that you don't have a disease, it just means that you don't want to know. And, honestly, that's just ridiculous! My favorite story...a patient at my hospital was being admitted. I ask her.."Do you have any medical history?" Her reply..."No, doctor". The logical next question from me.."Ok, when did you see your doctor last?"...Her reply, "Um..20 years ago". So, this DIABETES I just diagnosed her with that had already affected her nerves could have potentially been prevented. Silly.

Any Questions? ;)


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