Saturday, May 12, 2012

Menu De-Construction...IHOP!

I have been on a mini vacation this week for a good friend's wedding in Philadelphia (it's been BEAUTIFUL here)...and I know it has been a while since the last here we go...Menu De-Construction time!

One of my guilty pleasure restaurants is IHOP. I'm pretty sure they put some sort of addictive product in their pancakes (so good!). Anyhow, there ARE good options for this restaurant, so I figured I would share them with you, along with the "no-way" choices to stay away from. I am going to stick to the breakfast food...because quite honestly I don't know anyone who goes to IHOP for lunch or dinner..:)

Two x Two x Two
Egg white omelet with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and diced ham =  200 calories; add the 2 pancakes to make it a meal and you add 300 calories. Total= 500 calories (This is my usual meal..with a cup of coffee)

Simple & Fit- all options around 400 calories (good options!) I like the two x two x two

As a rule, stick to either egg substitute or egg whites. Turkey sausage is better than pork sausage. Avoid bacon and avoid the french toast/crazy loaded pancakes. I LOVE the pancakes here, so I get it...but try and just stick to 2 of the regular pancakes (and go light on the butter!)

NY Cheesecake Pancakes...these alone are over 1000 calories!
Colorado Omelette- 1120 calories
3 Double Blueberry Pancakes- 640 calories (just for the pancakes...can you believe it?!)
Two eggs, Hashbrowns and Toast (with the pork sausage)-1260 calories
French Toast Combos (on average)- 1100 calories
Pick-a-Pancake Combos (on average)- 1100 calories

So again...stick to these rules...maximum of 2 pancakes (preferably the regular pancakes), egg whites or egg substitute, sub turkey for pork sausage. Stay away from the French Toast, Crepes, and anything with the work "stuffed" in it.

Remember, like I always say...don't deprive yourself of the things you love...just modify your food decisions to fit into your diet. If you never allow yourself a pancake every once in a while you will go crazy!!

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