Monday, September 2, 2013

Discard your ((old)) Drugs!

Lately, there has been a big media hype about old keep or not to keep? Well, if you would not drink old milk or moldy bread...why on God's Earth would you take an old medication? SMH. I love you guys, but sometimes, I don't get you!

So instead of listening to me harp on and on, I did what any other medical doctor would do...I turfed the subject to a REAL expert! haha. Just kidding. But in all honesty, why not get the opinion of a PHARMACIST? After all, they deal with these issues everyday...and they have a "Doctorate in Drugs".  Who do I turn to in my "Dilemmas with Drugs"? (Wow...I could go on and on with these D's...I'll spare you). My friend, and highly regarded colleague and pharmacist extraordinaire, Dr. Deanna Boone.

That's right. I sent her a text...on a SUNDAY and asked her for a quote for you guys on this hot topic...and being the awesome person she is, she obliged. Here is what Dr. Boone has to say.

Are you a medication hoarder?? Be careful..those expired
meds may be dangerous!!
#1. "Officially it's bad to take expired meds. Expiration dates are based that a drug will lose at least 5% of it's active ingredient after that date and a full effect can not be guaranteed". In layman's terms, your medication will not be as effective.

#2. "There are some drugs that are absolutely dangerous after their expiration date, including some cardiac meds and antibiotics." So unless you feel like googling every expired medication in your cabinet to see if it may still be safe, it's better just to ditch them. But how?

#3. "Flushing down the toilet is bad!" The best thing, according to Dr. Boone is to either take the medications back to the pharmacy to be properly disposed of or to mix them up with old coffee grounds or kitty litter and dispose of in the garbage.

Isn't she just the best? Any more questions? Feel free to contact me or leave a message below!

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