Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OBAMACARE...Part Deux.

I had quite the surprise the other day. I received my renewal of insurance benefits for next year in the mail. I was in complete...and utter...shock. In prior years, I had amazing insurance. Amazing. Low deductibles and low premium with some pretty darn good coverage. This year, not so much. I looked like a dog when a human is asking them a know, with my head leaned to the side with a puzzled look on my face. Then, a colleague of mine said..."Uh..Tiff...that's Obamacare's effect on you." Awesome.

Then, I started doing a little research. It seems as though that I am not the only person this is happening to. On the contrary, it is happening to the vast majority of people. And the people that it is affecting are not just those who already have insurance, but those out shopping on the insurance exchange under the Obamacare plan are facing the same situation. Many insurances on the exchange are plans with deductibles of up to $2000-$10,000.  These deductibles represent out-of-pocket money that patients have to spend BEFORE their insurance benefits kick in, and a lot of times are collected up front at a physicians office. Now, you tell me how this is going to work. 

Admitted, millions of Americans will be able to apply for federal assistance to help neutralize some of these ridiculous costs....but there are millions that will not. Also, many states (Florida included) chose not to expand Medicaid, meaning that those families which cannot afford the insurance in the exchange may also not be able to receive Medicaid benefits. Again, I say...just because you have "access" to health care does NOT by ANY MEANS address the fact that you will be able to afford the care, or that a doctor "must" see you. 

There is a lot more to write in terms of this new ACA. (Including how there will be a lot less "doctor visits" and a lot more "nurse visits"). Also, I want to be extraordinarily clear that I am in full 100% support of the idea that all people should be able to receive health care benefits....but I also think that it is responsibility of all of citizens... to understand the details of this..and how we will ALL be affected..not just those without insurance now...


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